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Special Vehicle Repair Services

We at Crown Cars are only to aware of how difficult and time consuming it can be to find reputable, skilled and cheap motor vehicle tradesmen. With working responsibilities and daily pressures limiting your time to arrange repairs or improvements required for your vehicle. We offer a bespoke, trade rates, special repair service.

Crown Cars provides customers with low cost, empathetic, professional support services and assistance for all your vehicle needs, questions, enquiries or repairs, including: MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, BODYWORK, DIAGNOSIS, MOT and SCRAP/UNWANTED CARS.

Our database of motor vehicle tradesmen has been established and built up over 30 years with individuals, companies and intermediaries (i.e. garages) that specialise with the care, repair, sale of vehicles at trade price. We represent, or sign-post customers to these various reputable garages, car body repair shops, vehicle professionals, individuals and experts on your behalf to reduce costs.

Have limited free time?

Let us take care of your vehicles repair needs, whilst you are at work, on holiday, etc. Use our contact form on contact us page for a quick response. Company fleet work contracts are encouraged.

We will be happy to arrange and organise for any of your vehicle needs or repairs to be undertaken, on your behalf while you are at work etc. We have stored on our database a list of recommended individuals and professional motor vehicle establishments, ready to work at trade cost for you...

Simply submit your requirements onto the contact form, for a speedy response!


"I hadn't driven my car for a few months and it was a bit worse for wear. It wouldn't start, even with a charged battery, but Ade sorted everything. He took it away on his truck, fixed the start-up issues and gave it a service and an MOT and even cleaned it up. It looked great. All for a great price and done with a very friendly smile - Thanks Ade!" Andrew, Highgate

"The car is great ..... and is performing beyond my expectations. Without your expertise i would have ignorantly disposed of it, thinking that it wasn't worth repairing. Contacting my local car service was out of the picture because i didn't trust them .... and then someone told me about the knight in shining armor Car Recovery and repair service! Quality service guaranteed .... with a smile .... absolutely no regrets. Reassuring to know that companies that value integrity still exist. Thanks!!!!" N